We like to buy super cute, name brand clothes. However, if you have everyday store brands please include those as well. We will pay you top dollar for name brand clothes. We must limit ourselves to buying merchandise that we know are currently low on or high demand items we know will sell quickly. We see a large volume of items every day and cannot possibly buy all of the nice things we see. 

We will not be buying the last week of the month


We are happy to look at clothing, shoes, bags and accessories that are in style, preferably no more than 3 years old. All clothing must be freshly laundered, neatly stacked, and in perfect condition, please bring no more than 4 paper bags or small boxes. 


We ask that customers pick up their items within seven days, as our storage is extremely limited. After 10 days your returns will be donated. 


All baby items must be modern, clean and like new, odor free and in complete working order. Items requiring batteries must have working batteries when you bring them in. 


Checking recalls may take us longer, so you may have to drop off any gear or larger items to allow us to price them.

Lollipops Consignment

When you bring your items in to Lollipops they will be previewed by a staff member who is trained in our buying practices. Our buyer will look through your items, on the spot if possible, or within a few days. At that point we will offer you store credit for the items we are interested in, and return the items we are not able to purchase. You may choose to donate these returned items to Lollipops if you wish. 

Please note,

We NEVER buy:

  • Crib Bumpers
  • Breast Pumps
  • Sleep Positioners
  • Pregnancy Pillows
  • Moses baskets
  • Walkers
  • Bath Tub Rings

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